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The Value of Open Public Records
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MGC's NERGC Panel on Open Records: Citizens Can Make a Difference
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How many deaths before the SSDI gets updated again?
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MGC Member Society Spotlights

Spotlight on our Member Societies: Massachusetts Society of Genealogists

The Massachusetts Society of Genealogists was founded in 1975 to promote genealogical research and education in Massachusetts. The first president was Robert Tarte. Today it is recognized by the IRS as a 5.01 (c) (3) educational society.

At the outset it was organized into county-wide chapters. The Worcester, Middlesex, and Bristol county chapters have remained active over the years. President Pat Stano-Carpenter recently announced the opening of two new chapters, one on Martha's Vineyard and one in the Merrimack Valley. This represents significant recent growth at MSoG. Coupled with the new website, it is easy to see that MSoG is a vibrant and growing organization.

MSoG was an original member of MGC. Their annual meetings are scheduled to be six months offkilter from the MGC annual meetings, thereby affording genealogists two full conference opportunities in Massachusetts every year.

MSoG differs from MGC in that it is focused on the individual genealogist's skills acquisition and genealogical expertise. Each chapter meets regularly, often monthly, for meetings that include lectures and activities on genealogy topics. In December 2009 alone, those topics include information on ethnic customs, computerized databases, and library resources.

Another educational arm of MSoG is its quarterly journal, MASSOG. Each issue contains genealogy narratives, how-to information, book reviews, records transcriptions, and contact information. Last summer's issue included vital records from samplers in the collection of Old Sturbridge Village.

For more information, be sure to check out their website at